Raffine is a medical device for Microneedling treatments. Raffine performances allow fractionated and electronically controlled micro-needling treatments, getting greater efficacy on restructuring and regeneration of the skin.



Raffine produces a controlled mechanical stimulation of the dermis, through microperforations by tiny needles that pulsate at variable rate and depth, perpendicularly to the skin surface. It could be associated with products with low and high molecular weight. It is possible to penetrate substances up to 2mm that otherwise would not exceed the skin barrier.


The localized dermabrasion stimulates the growth factors for the production of new collagen and elastin (collagenase process). Their repairing action restores a new texture to the skin. That is why this treatment is highly recommended to improve the appearance of some imperfections and to regenerate the damaged skin, with visible results already a few days after the beginning of the treatment.

Adjustable depth

La profondità delle microperforazioni è regolabile direttamente dalla corona su cui si monta la testina, potendo spaziare da 0,1 a 2mm in base al trattamento e al tipo di pelle. Questo sistema è composto da 9 microaghi da 32G e una molla che, una volta avvitata al device, controlla l’esatto movimento di spinta e ritorno fino a 6500 perforazioni al minuto, garantendo il raggiungimento dell’effetto desiderato.

Less pain

The tips with diamond needles, depth regulation, performance speed and the verticality with which the micro-needles can penetrate the epidermis (perpendicularly) allow to minimize the sensation of pain without the use of any anesthetics and to reduce bleeding. Unlike other devices with roller functioning, Raffine does not create skin bleeding and does not cause unnecessary pain and discomfort, guaranteeing a faster recovery to the social life.

Safety and sterility

Raffine treatment is completely safe, all parts in contact with patients are sterile as each tip-needle is disposable. It does not cause bleeding, infection, discoloration or other complications on the treated area.


Raffine can be used on any type of skin (except damaged or pathological skin), even on thinnest one, and on different body areas (face, body, scalp). It is particularly indicated for treating areas that are difficult to reach with other devices, such as labial-nose and periocular zone since Raffine allows its use at variable angulation.

Complementary therapies

Raffine device is used to potentiate the effects of complementary therapies as it increases the absorption of any chemical substance (hyaluronic acid, polynucleotides, PRP, pigments, cosmetics, etc.). It induces an intense dermal stimulation and activates the process of collagenase. As in the treatment phase, even in the post-care phase, it is associated with products with active ingredients for tissue repair and regeneration.

Medical device certified with CE-93/42 class IIA, registered at the Italian Ministry of Health n.1274206. It is distributed and represented exclusively in Europe by Carbossiterapia Italiana S.R.L

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