From a personal problem to an unexpected solution

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The idea 

The first steps of research

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Same word, a new methodic

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High-impact research

Initial difficulties in the consolidation of the methodic

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The achievement of a special “sensibility”

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University Research

The birth of the scientific board in Italy

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One step forward: first scientific results

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The research group

GISC becomes international

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Focus on innovations

When theory and practice meet: Carbomed CDT Evolution

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Getting closer to doctors

Carbossiterapia prêt-à-porter: Carbomed CDT Light

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Globalization consequences

Collateral effects of promoting a methodic and not a product

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A new beginning

New opportunities looking at Asia: the Shaping UP line

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New business lines

Broadening our market: Raffine and Celtick

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Aiming at excellence

Succeed in the known and specializing in a new field: Élevance PDO

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A unique heritage for medicine

Old passions and new territories

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From a personal problem to an unexpected solution

terme di Royat

Raynaud syndrome is a rare illness of affecting blood vessels causing the diminishing of blood flow in hands and feet. affected by this pathology, in 1990, Roberto Parmigiani goes to Royat, in France, where CO2 bath were already known as an effective treatment for vascular patholigies.

Our history: his intellectual curiosity pushes Roberto to imagine that CO2 may be more effective if submitted through intradermal injection. His experience in biology and his personal experience proving efficacy in thermal use, turn into the desire to test on himself this intuition. However, how to do it? </span

morbo di raynaud


The first steps in research

Laser Doppler Flow

Thanks to the acquaintance of Dr. Lattarulo, who was working at the Micro-Angiology Centre of the Monza Polyclinic during the 90s, Roberto meets professor Curri, director of the centre, whose precious collaboration allow the studies on the effects of CO2 injections on human microcirculation system.

First micro-angeologic evaluations were made with the use of Laser Doppler Flow, instrument which monitors the increase, or decrease, of blood flow and oxigen concentration in tissues (Curri, Lattarulo, Albergati).

doppler flow

1992-1993 What does it mean “CARBOXYTHERAPY”

Same word,
a new methodic

The first years of clinical observation see the spreading of the word “Carboxytherapy” meant as controlled submission of medical CO2 through intradermal injection. before, it was meant only as thermal treatment.

It comes the time to give a body to our work: Carbossiterapia Italiana Srl is born. This society is thought to develop this new methodic and discover all medical applications. As trademark, an atom is chosen to underline the scientific approach of the work in progress.



Initial difficulties in the consolidation of the methodic

Given the first evidences of its efficacy, it is vital to scientifically demonstrate how it works, as Galileo has taught us all. How to obtain results with a relevant scientific base? It is necessary to develop a medical device able to measure in a precise way all data in order to control them quantitatively.

That’s why we invest all our energies in the development of a medical device.

The first prototype was simply provided with a mechanic flowmeter measuring the speed of gas while coming out of the device. It was a mere gas dispenser, but it was not enough. How to measure the gas flow that is actually intradermally injected.


The achievement of a special “sensibility”

carbossi old

Efforts during previous years brings to the creation of a software that electronically measures, through sensors, the resistance meet by the gas in the tissue.

The control of resistance, which is subject to continue and constant variations in relation to the type and condition of the treated area, is fundamental for therapy efficacy.

Without this control, it would not be possible of being sure of gas quantity injected in tissues and treatment result would be different from patient to patient. Thanks to this system it is possible to obtain treatment results replicable whenever and however it is wished.

Figures are dealt with a software controlling a system of electric bulbs that automatically increase or decrease the outgoing gas flow to balance the tissue resistance variations.

In this way, doctors can set and monitor the CO2 flow injected in tissues. This system of electronic control through a software is patented internationally, as its precision guarantees the effective control and, as a consequence, treatment efficacy and its reproducibility. The device is certified by UNI ISO, UNI CEI E IQNET.

scheda tecnica


The birth of the scientific group in Italy

ospedale siena

The device is ready for clinical research and we start coordinating and financing the firsts scientific studies on Carboxytherapy with the support of Professor Carlo D’Aniello, head of Plastic Surgery Department of the University of Siena.

At the same time, we build the first Italian Group for Studies on Carboxytherapy (GISC) to share clinical experiences. Since that moment, we develop a sales department in Italy and we become the first supplier of Carboxytherapy device worldwide.

Rivista scientifica


One step forward: the first scientific results

Thanks to the implementation of the European Directive for Medical Devices (Directive 93/42/CEE), Carbomed obtains the CE certification n° 0051 for medical devices of IIB class, certified as the only device within the whole European Community authorized to inject CO2 in an invasive manner. IIB class identifies a device that can perform a direct invasive activity.

Negli stessi anni vengono pubblicati i primi articoli scientifici impattati su riviste come Aesthetic Plastic Surgery e viene istituito il primo Corso Universitario di Carbossiterapia presso la cattedra di chirurgia plastica dell’Università degli studi di Siena diretta dal Professor Carlo D’Aniello.



GISC becomes international

Meeting internazionale del GISC Gruppo Internazionale di Studi sulla Carbossiterapia

Given the clinical experiences obtained worldwide, continuously accredited by official publications, it becomes a duty to expand the scientific group at the international level: from Italian Group for Studies on Carboxytherapy to International Group for Studies on Carboxytherapy, maintaining the GISC abbreviation.

Time has come to trace the guidelines for Carboxytherapy meant as invasive methodic in the various fields of application. In 2005, we organize the first international meeting of GISC reuniting specialists coming from Europe, Asia, Latin America and the US for a debate on personal experiences on carboxytherapy with our devices: the first methodic guidelines are traced for application in plastic surgery, aesthetic medicine, dermatology and phlebology.  


When theory and practice meet: Carbomed CDT Evolution

The knowledge acquired thanks to international experiences gives us the incentive to improve our technical innovation: we develop and patent a better solution, an evolution of the previous device that we call Carbomed CDT Evolution (Carbon Dioxide Therapy Evolution), simply known as CDT Evolution.

This new device is always based on the patent on electronic control of gas flow. In addition, it can control temperature, sterility and humidity of CO2 during its erogation. Moreover, thanks to the GISC studies, we update the software and create standardized programs for aesthetic medicine, anti-aging treatments, ulcers and difficult wounds. 


Carboxytherapy prêt-à-porter: Carbomed CDT Light

When Carboxytherapy begins to be daily used, we satisfy doctors’ needs:

– we launch CDT Light, the portable version of CDT Evolution, in order to get the device transportable and less space-saving

– we study new protocols of treatment focusing on integrated technique for those doctors that want to “experiment” carboxytherapy associated with other methodics.

CDT Light - Device Certificato per Carbossiterapia
shaping up

Thanks to the extraordinary collaboration with Carboxy Asia (Joy Medicom), our partner since 2002, Carbossiterapia Italiana create a new products line that react to the need of “resolve but do not distort”: a reassuring slogan inviting to practice aesthetic medicine without exaggerate.

With this core idea, we realize the ShapingUp line, a new type of absorbable PDO threads (sutures made in polydioxanone of class 4) that - thanks to their elasticity and resistance - stimulate the natural production of skin collagen, making possible to perform soft-lifting without surgery.



Broadening our market:
Raffine and Celtick

Given the very positive result obtained with ShapingUp, Carbossiterapia Italiana enters the market of new products: we become exclusive distributors in Europe of Raffine, a microneedling device, and of Celtick, an electronic microinjector. Thought to be used together with Carboxytherapy treatments, they mark the first step towards completentary methodic.



Succeed in the known and specialize in a new field: Élevance PDO


Our experience with the PDO threads line ShapingUp let us identify a new market need: an absorbable PDO long lasting and more resistant. A thread with which it is possible to do a real non-surgical lifting. After years of research, we launch a new generation of PDO lifting threads with excellent strength and life: Élevance.

In the same year, we update carboxytherapy protocols of treatment and the methodic guidelines on the basis of new studies on different fields of applications; namely, trichology, gynecology, andrology, and pain therapy.



Old passions and new territories

Everyday, we engage in the defense, development and promotion of the methodic called “CARBOXYTHERAPY”, a unique heritage for medicine. We are responsible for spreading and teaching our heredity of competences and knowledge that we had the chance to collect during years and that always need to be fed.

To reach this goal we are focusing on:

scientific research , to develope the methodic in new application fields 

training theoretical and practical trainings for doctors

– sensibilization regarding:

  • Utilizzo di strumenti adatti a questa terapia, sicuri e affidabili
  • Reali indicazioni e controindicazioni a livello terapeutico
  • Corrette tecniche di esecuzione
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