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CelTick injects exact doses with an extremely high level of precision (0,01ml) and facilitates injection of all find of products (micro-botox, filler, amino acids, etc.) in homogeneous way, with two modality choices.

Pain Control

Homogeneous pressure and injection speed and the possibility to use thinner needles reduce pain sensation and recovery time is minimized. Reduction of injection sensation and pain is particularly indicated in scalp, hyperhidrosis, and sensible area treatments.

Adjustable Speed

According to product viscosity that is injected, it is possible to set three speeds: low, medium and high.

All Injectable Products

CelTick can fit every type of syringes of 1ml, 2ml and 5ml, empty or filled with product, with whichever type of needle.

Product Saving

Setting microdoses, impossible to measure with a manual syringe, and avoiding dispersion of product in excess, it is possible to save up to 20%.

Autonomy and Safety

The device is cordless and battery rechargeable with cable: one recharge provides for 8 hours of use in autonomy. moreover, the device provides for the possibility of manual injection and aspiration. This last function guarantees sterility safety in case aspiration of a solution or suspension with an empty syringe is desired. Furthermore, it enables to control spillage during injections. Finally, using a special connector it is possible to link two syringes in exchange, still guaranteeing sterility.

Dosing, levy and collection device certified as medical device CE 93/42 class I, registered at the Italian Ministry of Health n° 1404769

celtick iniettore
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